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S4 League Season 8!

Neo Netsphere has arrived! Jump on the WarpShip and take your Demon Fist with you!

NUKM Staff Needed!

Are you interested in becoming a part of the NUKM Staff? Email us at [email protected]


Multiple device support, for mobile, tablet or desktop displays.
  • |NukmRadio| v.7.1

    Welcome Nukm Heads! Thanks for Stopping in and checking out the new NUKM DIGS!

    We are still working on the site and will post news/updates as we go! So keep checking the site daily for all the latest!

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  • NUKM Blog

    Not only are we bringing in all the latest technology, we are adding a blog to our list of entertainment for our community!

    You can comment and criticize on the latest updates for your game, and you can give us your feedback as well on how you are liking our site, music and the games we are featuring!

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  • Tactical Game Servers

    TGS is proudly sponsoring NUKM Radio!

    Servers galore over at TGS! Custom servers? You got it! Shared Servers? Even better you say?

    The price is right and they are giving you the Tactical advantage!

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  • NUKM Sponsors

    Are you interested in what we are doing here at NUKM? Want to know more about us?

    Would you like to be a NUKM sponsor?

    Hit the contact us link and give us a brief overview of what you could bring to our community!

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Staff Sign Ups!

04 Nov 2014
Written by: Mr. DJ.Evil 1337

The NUKM Team is looking for staff members!!

    • Possible Forum Admins
    • Dj’s
    • Advertisers
    • Marketers
Positions are up for grabs! If you think you have something to add email: [email protected]

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!” – Mahatma Gandhi

NUKM Features

31 Mar 2014

NUKM Features

  • NUKM Radio | v7.1
  • NUKM Sponsors
  • Integrated Plugins
  • Styling
NUKM Radio is bringing a lot to the table this time around! Our community deserves the best, and we are giving them nothing short of that!

NUKM Facebook!

Enjoy posting with your friends about your favorite games and music!


NUKM Tweets!

We invite you to tweet with us today!

Let's see how much you love NUKM!


NUKM Smartphone!

Cruise our site, comment, tune-in and more on your smartphone or tablet!


Tactical Game Servers

Is proud to announce it's sponsorship to NUKM Radio! Be sure to check out what TGS has to offer
Would you like to sponsor NUKM? Let us know by hitting the Contact us link at the bottom of the site! Breifly fill out some information about yourself and or your business and we will get back to you shortly!


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There are 8 stylistic widget variations.


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